Marshmallow Chocolate Pie

by Maryam on August 15, 2010

I bet that by the end of Ramadan, Ramadan treats’ section will be full of recipes .. or maybe overflowed! In my personal dictionary, fasting means craving for sweets, chocolate, desserts and anything that contains lots of sugar .. Originally, Ramadan is a chance for anyone to follow healthy diet and introduce good eating habits into his/her daily routine. Well, with all the temptations these days .. all the sweets here and there .. I believe that the healthy diet “thing” is impossible to implement by all means!

Although, it is only one main meal, and another light meal in the early morning, which many of us skip, the amount of consumed sweets in this month can cover the whole year. Wherever you go, supermarket, grocery, visiting someone, even on TV ads .. everything reminds you about thing you crave for most .. sweets ..

You know, last week my aunt taught me her best Stuffed Grape Leaves ever .. Once my colleagues tasted the first bite, the whole thing vanished!! This wasn’t surprising, I knew that will happen since the beginning! The empty large plate was the only thing left. And I didn’t want to return it like this.Finally, I decided to try something new and give it to her in that plate.

I was busy and I wanted to do something easy, simple, delicious and finish within half to one hour max. From the first sight I knew this recipe is the one. Whenever I face a situation like this, I search for a recipe that has a five star rating and a lot of reviews. This gives me a confidence that the recipe will work for me for sure. And from reading some of the reviews I will come to know if there is any extra modifications I have to do.

I’ve adapted this recipe from And when I say adapted, I mean that I took the main idea and added my modifications to it. That’s why you may find several steps here which are not in the original recipe. The reasons behind this are: First, the pie pan I have is bigger than the required. Second, I wanted to try it with two different kinds of chocolate. I discovered that it was a good idea indeed! try it and find out.

Marshmallow Chocolate Pie

I’d change the name of the recipe because I used different kinds of chocolate instead of using chocolate chips only. It also contains two layers. The number of marshmallows increased to the double because of the pan size.

This pie can serve 12-14 .

Marshmallow Chocolate Pie ingredients

16 McVitie’s Biscuits, crushed (or graham crackers as per the original recipe)

1 cup butter

60 large marshmallows (30 for each layer)

2 cups heavy whipping cream (one cup for each layer)

1/2 cup hot milk (1/4 cup for each layer)

1 once semisweet chocolate, grated

2 50g Toblerone chocolate bar (one bar will be used for the second layer and the other one for garnishing)

Needed equipments

27 cm pie pan

Measuring cups

Large microwave-safe bowl

large mixing bowl

wooden spoon

Making the Pie

1. In a large mixing bowl, mix crushed McVitie’s with butter. Press the mixture in the pie pan. Make sure that the mixture is equally divided all over the pan, and make sure that the boundaries are covered with biscuit-butter mixture as well. Place the pan in freezer till you finish the first layer of marshmallow.

2. Place hot milk and marshmallows in large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 30 sec. then take it out and stir with wooden spoon for 2 minutes. Return the bowl into the microwave for another 30 sec., take it out and stir for couple of minutes. Repeat till all the marshmallows melt and form homogenized mixture.

3. Keep the mixture to cool for few minutes. Fold in whipped cream and add the grated semisweet chocolate.

4. Pour the chocolate marshmallow mixture into the McVitie’s pie shell. Place in freezer till you finish the second layer.

5. Repeat steps from 2-4 for the second layer the only difference is that you will add 50g Toblerone chocolate instead of the grated semisweet chocolate. It is preferred to be added in the begining of setp 2. This will allow the chocolate to melt and mix well with the marshmallow.

6. Take the pie pan out from the freezer. Pour the second layer on top of the first one.

7. Grate the remaining bar of Toblerone chocolate, to garnish the top of the pie.

8. Refregerate for 6 to 8 hours or overnight.

enjoy with love,