Peach Papaya .. sweetness from Heaven

by Maryam on February 8, 2010

The first class has just started .. Last week when I joined the PPSOP, The Perfect Picture School of Photography, I knew that I’ll have lessons each week and assignments will be given to me as well. But I didn’t know what to expect more than that. When the first Lesson was published online as a PDF format file, I made a print and took a brief look at it. It was interesting. Our instructor told us about the equipments which we will need to have. “First and foremost, you will need to use a tripod” she wrote in her lesson. Thanks God I have one! Then she went through the benefits of using a tripod while taking photos. I didn’t know that the use of tripod has many benefits out there! It just seemed to me easier to take photos with it, which you can count as a benefit. Eliminating camera shake, studying your subject, making adjustments are few things that can be done if you have a tripod. “If I didn’t have my camera on a tripod, I would spend hours on just getting the composition the same between every shot” our instructor concluded in her lesson.


Another equipment we need to have is the cable release. Well, nowadays there is a remote version of it, which I’m planning to buy soon! Our instructor also told us that if we don’t have one then we can use our camera self timer option and still get the same results. In fact, I did that once with my sister while taking some full moon shots; it really made a huge difference in the quality of the picture.

The first lesson concentrates on lighting. The instructor gave us a thorough idea about the reflectors, diffusers what are they and the differences between them, and how to implement them in our practicing. She also wrote about the qualities of light, different light sources and how to differentiate between them. She mentioned types of lights (hard and soft, warm and cool), quantity of light and direction of light as well. I think at the end of this lesson I should be professional in lighting effects, just kidding! I know I need a lot of practice on this topic. The problem is that I’m busy these days, I even didn’t get the chance to find some time to take few shots for my assignment and practice what I have learned. I’ll try my best that’s for sure.

Peach Papaya Drink

Sweetness from Heaven.


2 medium sized peaches

1/2 small sized papaya

2-3 tablespoons honey

1/2 cup water

500 ml milk

making the peach papaya drink

Wash the fruits thoroughly. Cut the peaches into quarters, then cut the papaya into half. Peel the half of the papaya you are using and then cut it into medium size cubes. Place the peaches, papaya cubes, and pour the milk into the blender. Blend until you get smooth homogeneous mixture. Melt the honey into the half cup of water using small spoon till full mix. Add the honey-water mixture to the peach-papaya juice in the blender and blend for another two minutes. Pour your drink into two cups. Add ice cubes if you prefer your drink cold. Or you can place it in the fridge for 15 minutes.

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viviane bauquet farre / food & style February 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm

I really enjoyed reading your blog about your photo lesson! It sounds fun… and I think your first subject was excellent. I’m a tropical girl, so anything with papaya in it I love! This healthy drink should give you all the energy you need for your next photo lesson :-)

Alexa February 11, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Your food photo post was interesting. Thanks for all the great information. The recipe is also something my family would love.

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