Milk with Saffron

by Maryam on October 26, 2009


I’m not a hot milk lover. I used to add some tea to my milk, but that became later to addiction. I noticed after a while that I can’t let a day passes without taking my tea portion (with or without milk). So I started to search for something I can replace it with the tea I’m using. Something gives my milk nice flavor in addition to its health benefits. The first time I was introduced to this drink was in Ramadan, in a family gathering event. Since that time, this drink became my favorite for breakfast time and /or dinner time.


The Saffron gives the milk bright yellow to orange color. It also adds a mild spicy smooth flavor to it. So if you don’t like to drink plane hot milk (like me) this will be good option. You can use it even for kids who don’t like the taste of milk, this will be a good idea. Saffron is an Arabic name, for pronunciation “Za’afaran = za-fair-awn”.

In “Kuwait” we use this reddish-orange crocus with different types of food. It can be added to rice, traditional sweets, some traditional hot drinks, and much more. It is well known that high quality Saffron is so expensive. To make sure that you are getting the high quality Saffron, you need to know that good quality saffron, is the saffron that is completely red and has a nice aroma.


This doesn’t mean that pure saffron with some yellow in it is not high quality one. The thing is it is not potent as the reddish one. In fact, some people may prefer the yellowish saffron more than the reddish one.

You can consider saffron to be fresh if it less than one year old. If you want to make sure that you are buying high quality saffron, you need to find trusted source for it. The reason of that is retailers can cheat you buy selling bad quality saffron for high price.

The ingredients you need for preparing one cup of this drink are

1 full cup of Milk (I usually use skimmed milk, so it is an option if you want to make it low in fat)

1 tsp of Saffron

1 tsp of sugar (In all my drinks I don’t add sugar, so if you want you can exclude it, or add sweetener at the end)

It is very small ingredients list, and you will notice that the preparing steps are equivalently simpler.

Put one cup of milk in the saucepan, then add the Saffron on the top. Keep it on fire and remove before boiling point. Stir the milk with the saffron till the whole milk take the yellow to orange color. Pour the milk into the cup using a sieve to separate the saffron strands from the milk. Then add the preferred amount of sugar for you, and allow it to cool to warm drinking temperature.

Finally all you have to do is enjoy with love,